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What is CoQ10, and what are the benefits? 

Posted by Tespo on Mar 2, 2018 12:18:16 PM

Like any vitamin, CoQ10 is a nutrient worth working into a daily routine for its ability to energize us, act as an antioxidant, support heart health and fend off aging, amongst other things.

Beyond the basic nutrients we hear about, there are some that have risen to the top as key contenders in our daily nutrient needs. One of these is CoQ10. So what’s so great about it?

What is CoQ10?

As a coenzyme, CoQ10 is a key player in the metabolic chemical reactions that generate energy within cells. In other words, it helps work to digest food and convert it into energy. Your cells use it to produce the energy needed for cell growth and maintenance.

Where does Coq10 come from?

CoQ10 can be found in small amounts in food, like grass-fed beef and strawberries. It also is found in all of the cells in the body, but because of its energy producing function it is most notable in the kidneys, liver and heart—organs with higher energy requirements.

Here's the catch — the body’s production of CoQ10 declines with age, particularly after the age of 40, which is why it is an important supplement to take. The production of CoQ10 in our body can also be challenged by the presence of disease and certain medications. Statins or medicine for high cholesterol or those that lower blood pressure, for instance, can reduce levels of CoQ10 or decrease the effects of CoQ10 supplements. For these reasons, Tespo includes CoQ10 in all of its premium supplements.

What’s are the benefits of CoQ10?

Here are 4 key reasons why should consider supplementing CoQ10.

1. It's an energy-booster. Also known as ubiquinone, we like CoQ10 because it can help us feel like we have more energy. A sign of being low on CoQ10 can be feeling logy or low on energy. As an energy booster it can help our bodies recover faster from exercise and research has been promising in showing it as an aid for treating chronic fatique.

2. It protects you from diseases. CoQ10 also functions as an antioxidant, which helps the body to fend off the potential damage caused by free radicals or harmful molecules. Free radicals have been linked to the aging process and are thought to contribute to diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Studies have also shown a possible correlation between CoQ10 supplement intake and a slowing in the functional decline of early-stage Parkinson’s disease; and as both a preventative measure and treatment of symptoms in other inflammatory-related health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and infertility.

3. It keeps your heart healthy. Probably what CoQ10 is most known for is the role it plays in supporting heart health. It is essential for supporting the optimal health of the heart muscle and producing the energy your heart needs to beat 100,000 times a day. Studies have shown CoQ10 to relieve heart failure symptoms as well as reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation. It is also thought to help protect the heart’s vessel walls. When used over time research has shown it can help to lower blood pressure. If CoQ10 levels are low, then the heart can become more inefficient and become susceptible to the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This can create a pathway for heart failure.

4. It helps control your cholesterol. In addition to supporting the heart, this coenzyme assists in maintaining the normal oxidative state of LDL cholesterol the type associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

Multivitamins containing CoQ10

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