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7 vitamins for healthy skin

Posted by Nancy Coulter-Parker on Jul 20, 2017 4:58:25 PM

It’s easy to take your skin for granted. We think about our heart, our weight, cholesterol levels, even brain health and our sugar intake. But we don’t necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about what makes for healthy skin. Sure, we add lotion when it’s dry. But considering it’s the largest organ of the body, covering approximately 20 square feet, it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

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Introducing Tespo Hair, Skin & Nails Formula

Posted by Nancy Coulter-Parker on Feb 11, 2017 2:52:31 PM

Few things show the state of our health more than our hair, skin and nails. Frizzy, dry hair or peeling, ridge-lined nails can be dead giveaways for nutrient deficiencies. Not to mention the daily barrage of environmental toxins hair, skin and nails come up against.

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