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Nutrients to boost your mood this season

Posted by Josh on Dec 16, 2016 1:16:14 PM

The holidays are upon us and although it is the season to be jolly, more often than not we don’t feel quite so upbeat. Many factors play a role in our mood, including money stresses or spending time with family. But there are other reasons for a downbeat mood, too.

Roughly 5 percent of Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)—also referred to as the winter blues—according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. To boot, up to 20 percent of us suffer from a milder form of SAD as the days get shorter and colder. Even if you don’t specifically suffer from SAD, you may find your mood dip as the days darken.

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5 Nutrients that can help boost your energy

Posted by Josh on Aug 14, 2016 4:45:16 PM

It’s summer and you’re spending more time outside, exercising and eating well. But for some reason, you’re still not feeling energized. What's up?

Your body's energy comes from its ability to turn food into energy. Mitochondria, tiny organelles found in most cells, are instrumental in this process. How well mitochondria function can be compromised by many things, including age. But don't despair. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help mitochondria do their job. Taking vitamins can, too. Consider these nutrients to get your energy up and running again:

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