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5 ways Tespo helps with daily bariatric vitamin compliance

Posted by Tespo on Oct 12, 2017 12:42:09 PM

"We are told as part of the preparation for surgery that we have to take bariatric vitamins every day for the rest of our lives,” says Antonia Namnath, CEO and founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. “After these surgeries you’re eating less, and the speed at which food goes through your body means it’s not fully digested, so you’re not digesting nutrients the same way.” She adds,“For us, post-op vitamins are not a luxury, they are life saving and keep us healthy.”

 After hearing this over and over from bariatric community, Tespo immediately began developing a solution:


While taking daily vitamins may seem easy in theory, establishing and maintaining a daily bariatric vitamin routine can still be a challenge for a number of reasons. Here are just a few ways that Tespo's Bariatric Vitamin Line helps with bariatric post-op vitamin compliance.

1. Tespo eliminates a reliance on pills

40% of Americans say they have difficulty swallowing pills. For Bariatric patients having to choke down handfuls of vitamins and possibly other pills every day can be overwhelming. Tespo’s liquid formula helps to eliminate this problem. Hasta la vista, pills.

2. Tespo vitamins eliminate upset stomach and improve absorption

Too many vitamins can be hard on the stomach and take up a lot of room, especially for Bariatric patient’s whose stomach size has been reduced. Not only can the stomach become sensitive to pills, most pills are designed to dissolve in the stomach. But as Namnath says, “If your stomach has less capacity to do its job, there are pills that go in and out that are not being fully digested.” A 1.5oz shot of liquid formula on the other hand is easy to digest and does not make you feel full.

3. The Tespo system is designed around routine

Simply trying to keep up with a rigorous Bariatric vitamin routine is work. Work on top of managing a job, family, life, etc. When you order the Tespo Bariatric Complete formula it ships automatically to your door each month, which is a sure-fire way to keep you regimented and in stock. The Tespo Dispenser also sits on your countertop — perhaps right next to your coffee maker. The dispenser is super easy to use and serves as a reminder of your daily vitamin routine. The Tespo vitamin pods hold 31 servings to help you easily track your Bariatric vitamin intake. It does the counting for you and knows if you’ve missed a day. All of this is done an in effort to create a pleasant routine and keep you more compliant. 

4. Tespo improves compliance on-the-road

We know that travel and business trips, even a long day at the office, can make it hard to stay compliant with a Bariatric vitamin routine. Don’t worry, Tespo has this covered, too. The Tespo Go is small and light and easy to take with you wherever your adventures take you. And, if you buy a Tespo Dispenser it’s included in the box.

5. Tespo is a bariatric vitamin you can trust

The Tespo Bariatric Formula was created by Tespo at the request of the Bariatric community. All of our formulas start with high quality ingredients. Because they are served up in a liquid format, they are free of any fillers, binders, dyes or other unnecessary ingredients including artificial flavoring and sweeteners. And, if you have any questions, our team is just a phone call, chat or email away. We’re here to make your Bariatric vitamin experience the best it can be. 

To learn more about Tespo’s Bariatric Solution, check out this page:


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